Student Enrollment, 2019/2020 Admission Year, University of Ruhuna  

     Science, Allied Health Sciences, Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, Agriculture, Technology

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    Degree Programmes

    Faculty of Science

    1) Biological Science
    2) Computer Science
    3) Physical Science
    4) Financial Mathematics & Industrial Statistics

    Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
    5) Nursing
    6) Pharmacy
    7) Medical Laboratory Science

    Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology

    8) Fisheries & Marine Sciences
    9) Marine & Fresh Water Sciences

     Faculty of Agriculture

    10) Agricultural Resource Management & Technology
    11) Agribusiness Management
    12) Green Technology

    Faculty of Technology

    13) Engineering Technology
    14) Bio Systems Technology
    15) Information Communication Technology


    Deputy Vice Chancellor
    University of Ruhuna


    University Sports Federation (FISU) Volunteer Leaders Academy 2021
    Mevan Induruwa who is a student of 41st batch of Faculty of Medicine University of Ruhuna has been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the University Sports Federation (FISU) Volunteer Leaders Academy 2021.
    Volunteer Leaders Academy(FVLA), is an annual event organized by the FISU with over 100 university students from more than 100 countries, is an educational event promoting sports values with dynamic and emerging leaders. FVLA plays a key role in international sports and the sports volunteering movement
    Mewan Induruwa

    ජීවිතය දිනූ ව්‍යවසායකත්ව රහස් - ව්‍යාපාරික ඩඩ්ලි සිරිසේන

    රුහුණ සරසවි විද්‍යාර්ථයින් හා ආචාර්ය ප්‍රජාව සඳහා පවත්වන මාර්ගගත කතිකාවත.

    ජුනි 17 දින  ප.ව. 6.00 ට

    Dadly Sirisena

    Workshops : Procurement Process

    Under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor, Staff Development Center of UoR along with the Finance Branch of UoR organise a series of workshops regarding the "Procurement Process" on every Friday 8-10 am via zoom

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