We are excited to announce that the Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN) and the Indonesian Cyber Education (ICE) Institute are collaborating to provide free access to online courses in Phase 3. All academic staff members are eligible to apply for these free online courses, which include offerings from edX and XuteangX. You can select a maximum of four courses, with two from edX and two from XuetangX.

    To apply, please complete the Google form provided here for staff members. Kindly note that this Link is only to be shared with the academic and non-academic staff of LEARN Members. Therefore, we request you to refrain from sharing it with any third party or students in the member institutes.

    Form for Staff Members :

    Additionally, we are sharing the link for the form for students, We kindly request that you share the student form with all the students in your respective institutes (LEARN Members).

    Form for Students:

    Deadline: 12.00 noon on 23rd of September 2023.

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