Summary of “Best Undergraduate Research Award 2021”


    The award is presented by the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (GSSL) to a graduate who has completed the first degree at a state university of Sri Lanka, recognizing his/her outstanding research in the field of earth science. The award for 2021was presented at the 38th Annual Sessions of GSSL on February 25, 2022.

    Research Title:

    Mid-Late Holocene Indian Winter Monsoon Variability Recorded in a Lacustrine Sediment Core from Southeastern, Sri Lanka.

    Research Student:

    Tikiriwanni Unnahelage Thilini Wijewardhane (FM/FW/2016/011)


    Prof. Pradeep Nalaka Ranasinghe

    Research year:


    Degree Program:

    B.Sc. (Hons) in Marine and Freshwater Sciences (Specialized in Oceanography and Marine Geology)

    References: (n.d.). Geological Society of Sri Lanka. [online] Available at: .


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