Editorial Board

Editor in Chief:
  Senior Professor Sujeewa Amarasena
  Vice Chancellor
  University of Ruhuna

Members of the Editorial Board
• Prof. E.P.S.Chandana (Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Ruhuna)
• Senior Professor L.P. Jayathissa
• Prof. P.A.P. Samantha Kumara
• Prof. P.M.C.S. De Silva
• Prof. Mahinda Athapaththu
• Prof. Manjula Hettiarachchi
• Mrs. Senani Kalugama (Registrar)
• Mrs. Manjula Yapa (Deputy Registrar/Academic Establishments)
• Mrs. Kumudinee Mudalige (Deputy Registrar/Corporate Management Division)

Editorial Assistant
• Mr. W.A.H.M Karunarathne (Lecturer/Dept. of Biosystems Technology)
• Mr.Chathura Chinthana Jayamuni (System analyst)

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Submissions that arrive do not adhere to the guidelines will not be peer reviewed. Authors are required to read all submission guides before submission.

Manuscripts should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other conference or publication at the same time. Each submission must accompany a statement of originality in the covering letter addressed to the Editor in Chief of the JUA. In the case of multiple authors, the corresponding author can submit the Statement of Originality. Manuscripts must be prepared according to the guidelines specified in the Author Guide.

Manuscripts must contain the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), abstract (200-250 words), and keywords (5-6 keywords organized alphabetically).

Empirical paper - The main text of the manuscript must state the introduction, research problem, review of the relevant literature, methods, data analysis, discussion and conclusion. Manuscripts must be of 5000-7000 words (including references and appendices) in length (Click here to download MS Word Manuscript Template).

Literature review
Short Communications
Case studies
Book Review

All manuscripts must be in MS Word file format and submitted electronically to the Editor in Chief (jua@editorial.ruh.ac.lk).

  ( Download  the JUA Scope and Instructions to authors.)

Reviewing, Acceptance, and Publication

Each submission will first be reviewed by the JUA Editorial Board and if the paper passes the editorial screening it will then be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers with sufficientexpertise in the field. Their comments and suggestions, together with editorial comments, willbe sent to the authors, and major/minor revisions may be requested before the paper is accepted; orthe paper may be rejected based on reviewer comments.

Authors are required to sign a copyright agreement if the article is accepted. Authorsare fully responsible for obtaining permission and clearing any copyright issues related tothe content of their submissions. Each author will receive a supplementary copy of the paper.

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