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A designated archaeological site, situated on the Colombo – Kataragama road near Ambalantota – Nonagama Junction in Hambantota District of Sri Lanka.
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Scientific name: Belenois aurota taprobana <br>
English name : Pioneer <br>
Sinhala name : අප්සරාවී <br>
PC: @Dampal Ranawaka <br> 
This butterfly is beautiful as its name, this endemic subspecies was reported in 1872<br>
Captured at Ussangoda
Scientific name: Catopsilia pyranthe<br>
Common name: Mottled emigrant<br>
Sinhala name : ලපවන් පිමි-සැරියා<br>
Description: Found throughout the island.Larval food plants are Cassia grandis, Cassia fistua, Cassia auriculata. Male has fine finer black border on apex. Female has tinged yellow underwing. <br>
Photo: Dampal Ranawaka
Scientific name: Danaus genutia<br>
Common name: Common tiger<br>
Sinhala name: අග්නි ගෝමරා<br>
Description: Can be distinguished from plain tiger by its bodily marked dark veins.Flight slow, but rapid when evading predators.Found throughout the island.Most common in coastal areas. Larval food plants are Oxystelama esculentum (usepale) and Cynachum tunicarum (Kan kumbala)<br>
Photo credits : Dampal Ranawaka<br>
Source : Butterflies and dragonflies of Sri Lanaka Gehan de Silva
Scientific name : Neptis hylas varmona<br>
English name : Common sailor<br>
Sinhala name : සුලබ ලිහිසැදියා<br>
Two broad white bands on hindwing is the factor that distinguish this butterfly. <br>
PC : Ashen de Silva
Scientific Name : Junonia iphitia<br>
Common name : Chocolate Soldier<br>
Sinhala Name : බොර සඳැසියා<br>
Description : Overall impression is of a Chocolate brown , medium sized butterfly . There are three diffuse darker brown bars on upper fore wing meeting coastal edge at right angles.<br>
P.C : Dampal Ranawaka<br>
Source : Butterflies and Dragonflies of Sri Lanka by Gehan De SIlva Wijerathne.
Scientific name : Tirumala limmiace leopadus<br>
English name : Blue tiger<br>
Sinhala name :නීල ගෝමරා<br>

In upper forewing, near dorusum edge,there is a large amount of misshapen blue . Sexual dimorphism is present. Dregea volublis is the larval host plant.<br>

PC : Ashen de Silva<br>
© Butterflies & Dragonflies of Sri Lanka by Gegan de Silva Wijeyeratne

Ussangoda is a designated archaeological site, situated on the Colombo – Kataragama road near Ambalantota – Nonagama Junction in Hambantota District of Sri Lanka. It is also a nature reserve and is located in the southern turtle breeding zones. Ussangoda is a patch of high ground by the sea and spreads over a significant area. Unlike the rest of the land surrounding, it is only covered with grass and a few pockets of pigmy forests. The summit of Ussangoda area pans like a plateau for a significant length.



The Kirila Kelle wetlands are found a short distance inland from the southern Sri Lankan city of Matara. The wetlands are a part of the Nilwala River basin. They comprise some 750 acres of wetlands. Canals were built by Portuguese Colonialists to mitigate flooding of the Nilwala river into Matara township and aid in the cropping of a further surrounding 6000 acres of rice and other farming. A failed attempt at flood mitigation in the early 1990s has meant that the once arable 6000 acres has now become un-farmable. This reduction in historically arable land has resulted in widespread poverty and associated social and environmental problems for some 35,000 people.


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