Hardware Training Program

Department of Computer Science, University of Ruhuna and the information and Communication Technology( ICT)   Branch of the Ministry of Education jointly start a Hardware Training Program for the Employees of the Education System.

Totally 240-250 participants will be trained as master trainers in this exercise are expected to train teachers and the students in schools. In addition, it is expected to conduct hardware training courses in the Computer Resources Centres (CRC) and the Provincial ICT Centres with the help of these master trainers in each Zone and the Province.

40 participants were selected to follow the above course at the University of Ruhuna and others were at Peradeniya, Kelaniya, UCSC, and Sabaragamuwa Universities.


Establish Computer maintenance mechanism in the schools.   


The ICT Branch in the Ministry of Education has selected participants from the following categories to be trained as master for this course.

(a) Two teachers from each zone,

(b) One from each National College of  Education,

(c) Ministry of Education

(d) Department of Publication and

(e) Department of Examination