Short Course on Engineering Surveying Use of Total Stations


Target Group:

Maximum number of 15 participants will be enrolled for this short course consisting with technician diploma or have experience as a technician or equivalent


Technical officers in the field are expected to carry out a variety of surveying tasks. Often they have to use state of the art surveying equipment. This means that the technical officers have to update their knowledge in surveying instrument. Total station is one of such important instruments. Although, Total stations were in use in this country for more than a decade now use has increased dramatically in the last few years. In the early stages technical officers were not required to use the Total stations  but now they have to use it in the field.


This short course will provide basic knowledge and skills to operate Total stations for the technical officers  who have little or no exposure to the Total stations


    At the end of this short course participants should be able to
      • Setup a TS over a peg;
      • Measure the vertical and horizontal angle between given points;
      • Measure distances to given points from the peg; and

      Course content:


      Module Content

      Day 1

      Setup a TS, Angle measurement using Total Station, Distance measurement using Total Station,

      Day 2

      Data storage, data retrieval, detail survey



      2 days (Saturday and Sunday)g


      Candidates will be awarded with university approved  certificate upon successful completion of the programme.