Short Course on AutoCad

Target Group:

Who would need to have a certificate as an Autocad Draftsman in their carreer development


AutoCAD is widely used in almost every indusrty. This course aims to encourage the usage of AuotoCAD to enhance the productivity of local industries. While the Fundamentals course is generic in nature, participants have the option of specializing in Architectural, Mechanical, or Electrical drawings as part of the course depending on demand.


The teaching strategy is to demonstrate the versatility of AutoCAD by showing a range of options to achieve a particular result and to suggest where one option can be better than another under given circumstances. Participants should practice the topics and concepts discussed in the class, and apply them in ways appropriate for their work.

Course content:

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD and Working with the Windows Environment
  2. Creating Your First Drawing
  3. Viewing and Plotting a Drawing
  4. Basic CAD Drawing Techniques
  5. Understanding Layers and Linetypes
  6. Creating Basic Geometry
  7. Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching
  8. Drawing Accurately
  9. Creating Selection Sets
  10. Basic Editing Skills
  11. Editing with Grips
  12. Advanced Drawing Techniques
  13. Dimensioning a Drawing
  14. Modifying Object Characteristics
  15. Using Symbols and Attributes


4 days, 8 hrs a day lectures and practising

Involved Personel:

Course coordinator, Draftsman and two instructors

Number of participants:


Medium of instruction: 

Sinhala and Engilsh

Course Fee:

Rs 5000.00 per person


Providing benefits to both you and your employer in using AutoCAD to eliminate repetitive tasks, validation of skills and knowledge, and lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility.


Nandita Hettiarachchi DrEng
Senior Lecturer/ Consulting Engineer
Dept of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty of Engineering - Ruhuna University
Sri Lanka
Work Ph +94 91 2245767
Mobile Ph +94 718170002
Residence +94 41 2221069