Optimization Techniques for Engineers

Target Group:

Maximum number of 15 (fifteen) participants will be enrolled for this course consisting of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Optimization is defined as finding an alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints, by maximizing desired factors and minimizing undesired ones. In comparison, maximization means trying to attain the highest or maximum result or outcome without regard to cost or expense. Practice of optimization is restricted by the lack of full information, and the lack of time to evaluate what information is available (see bounded reality for details). In computer simulation (modeling) of business problems, optimization is achieved usually by using optimization software like Lingo.
Even though optimizations is taught at undergraduate level the graduates lack the skills of applying optimization principles to their work and day to day activities.


Teach the participants various optimization problems and algorithms available to solve them.

Course content:

  • Game theory
  • Matching algorithms
  • Cutting planes (integer programming)
  • Dynamic programming 


  • Duration:

    Two weekends, 4 days , 6 hours per day


    Candidates will be awarded with university approved certificate upon successful completion of the programme.

    Course Fee :

    Rs. 1000/= per candidate
    (Course materials, will be provided during the course)

    Further Details :

    Dr. Cyril Kariyawasam

    Dept of Electrical and information Engineering