Objectives of the centre

The main objective of the centre is to educationally empower the labour force in the district to fulfill the future employment requirement of the district. Hence the centre intends to enhance the skills of both unemployed youth and the employed in public and private sector through skill development courses, trainings, workshops and postgraduate programmes.

Target groups

- Unemployed youth
- Employed community
- Entrepreneurs and the business community
- Farming community

The centre has expected to expand its horizons by signing MOUs with public and private sector institutions, develop partnerships with industry and cater consultancy services.

Hambantota district

Hambantota district has undergone a complete change with the implementation of a number of development projects including several giant development projects which could transform the South to the development path and benefit the country as a whole. With a cluster of economic nerve-centers, including the International harbor, International Airport, International Convention Centre and International Cricket Stadium, Hambantota is fast becoming the nucleus of development in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the Greater Hambantota Development Project executed to develop the Hambantota city as one of five future ‘metro cities’ in Sri Lanka.

Human resources in the Hambantota district are more prosperous and the basic resources needed to run successful businesses are improving at the moment. Also this indicated that the long term outlook for business in Hambantota is promising. At present many entrepreneurs have established their businesses in Hambantota district providing a wide variety of goods and services to the community. Already there are more than 2000 business firms established in Hambantota district catering to different business arenas

These massive development activities in Hambantota will offer huge employment opportunities for not only the skilled people but also to other semi and unskilled workers. The expected employment of the harbor estimated is more than 50,000. International Airport is also expected to flourish the tourism and will be a catalyst for the economic development in Sri Lanka which will enable international trade, tourism, vocational training and create huge employment opportunities for the youth. Improvement of the infrastructure facilities in the south will encourage more and more foreign investors to establish businesses.
Since employment created will demand specific skills, local institutions will have the prospect to train such a labour force. Though there are several vocational and technical colleges situated in the district, the resources available in those are not even sufficient to cater the present demand of the district. Further, they are distributed unevenly within the district which results to low access and less opportunities for education for the most of the people.