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University of Ruhuna
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Welcome to the University of Ruhuna.

Thank you for visiting the Web Site of the University of Ruhuna, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The Ruhuna University, one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka is committed to quality education, research excellence, and strategic partnership with industry and community development.

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Student Counseling Services

The university counseling service helps students to cope up with the problems that affect their studies. The students have the opportunity to discuss their various socio-economic and mental problems or any other matters which they face during their education.
Counsellors, who are academic staff members, offer their assistance, advice and guidance to those students who are in need.
List of Student Counselor of University of Ruhuna – 2015/2016
Senior Student Counsellor
Dr. E.P.S. Chandana - Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science
Tel: 077-5909665
Deputy Deputy Senior Student Counselors
Faculty of Medicine
Dr. (Mrs.) C. J. Wijesinghe - Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine
Tel: 0718186934, 091 2234801 (Ext. 216)
Faculty of Engineering
Dr. T.M. Rengarasu Department of Environmental Engineering
Tel: 0773114097, 091 2245765-8 (Ext. 2231)
Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
Dr. M.D. Bandara – Senior Lecturer, Department of History
Tel: 0713528628,  041 2222681/2 (Ext: 3401)

Faculty of Science

Dr. K.R. Fernando – Department of Chemistry
Tel: 0776255143, 041 2222681/2 (Ext:4408 )
Fisheries & Marine Science & Technology
Dr. H.B. Asanthi – Department of Limnology
Tel: 0777771678, 041 2227026 (Ext. 5103)
Faculty of Management & Finance
Mrs. G.P.K. Nishadi – Department of Marketing 
Tel: 071 4033727, 041 2222681/2 (Ext: 3921)
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.L.C. Kumari Fonseka - Department of Crop Science
Tel: 0718327109, 041 2292389 (Ext.242)
List of Proctors of University of Ruhuna – 2015/2016
Prof. Piyasiri Vithanage
Tel: 0776979917, 041 2222681/2 (Ext: 2157)
Deputy Proctors
Faculty of Medicine
Dr. U.C.P. Perera - Senior Lecturer, Department of  Forensic Medicine
Tel: 0777903473, 091 2234801 (Ext. 236 )
Faculty of Science
Dr. G. D.K. Mahanama – Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics
Tel: 0716208776, 041-2222681-2 (Ext: 4303)
Faculty of Engineering
Dr. K.S. Wanniarchchi – Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tel: 0711689548, 0 91 2245765-8 (Ext. 2221)
Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. K.K.I.U.A. Kumara  – Senior Lecturer, Department of Crop Science
Tel: 071-8116304, 041 2292389 (Ext.229 )
Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science & Technology
Dr. U.A.D. Jayasinghe - Senior Lecturer, Department of Limnology
Tel: 071 8588388,  041 2227026 (Ext. 5103)
Faculty of Management & Finance
Dr. (Mrs.) G.T.W. Sriyani – Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
Tel: 071 8053791, 041 2222681/2 (Ext: 3932)
Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
Dr. P.D.R.U. Abeyrathna - Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Policy
Tel: 0715359423, 041-2222681-2 (Ext: 3202)
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