Students’ Unions/ Societies and Associations

In terms of sections 115 and 116 of the Universities Act No.16 of 1978 and as amended, the recognition of Student Unions / Societies and other Associations in University shall be made with the approval of the Council. All Student Unions/ the Societies and other Associations should renew their registration in the University annually and submit annual financial statement for auditing.



Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Students’ Union of Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  2. Geographical and Environmental Science
  3. The Sociological Science Society
  4. Statistical Society
  5. The Circle of English
  6. Kala Parshadaya
  7. The Muslim Majlis Society
  8. The Economical Science Society
  9. Buddhist Students Society
  10. History and Archaeology Society
  11. Sinhala Society‚ University of Ruhuna
  12. Pali and Buddhist Society
  13. The Society of Bhikku
  14. The Independent Art Circle
  15. Socialist Student Society
  16. Saundarya Study Circle

Management & Finance

  1. Students’ Union of Management & Finance
  2. The Entrepreneurship Study Circle
  3. Circle of Marketing
  4. The Circle of Human Resources
  5. The Circle of Accounting
  6. Adventure and Nature Care Club

Fisheries & Marine Science & Technology

  1. Students’ Union of Fisheries and Marine Science & Technology
  2. The Society of Fisheries & Living Aquatic Resources
  3. Students’ Society onOceanography and Marin Geology
  4. Soft Skills Society
  5. Students’ Society of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFAA)


  1. Students’ Union of Faculty of Science
  2. Zoological Society
  3. Physics Society
  4. The Nature Explorer’s Society
  5. Buddhist Society
  6. The Birders’ Club
  7. Kala Hawla
  8. The Botanical Society
  9. The Research Circle
  10. The Photography Club
  11. The Chemical Society


  1. Students’ Union‚ Faculty of Engineering
  2. Electrical & Information Engineering Society
  3. Civil and Environmental Society
  4. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Students Society
  5. Highway Engineering Society (HES)
  6. Alumni Association of Ruhuna Electrical and Information Engineering (AAREIE)
  7. Ruhuna Alumni Association of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Society (RAMME)
  8. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Students Chapter -Faculty of Engineering
  9. Green Club Ruhuna Engineering Faculty (GREF)
  10. Ruhuna Engineering Faculty Sports Club
  11. The Institution of Engineering and Technology Young Professional Section (IET-YP) Ruhuna Chapter
  12. AIESEC Ruhuna Chapter‚ Faculty of Engineering
  13. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch, Faculty of Engineering


  1. Students’ Union of Faculty of Medicine
  2. Arts Circle
  3. The Study Group of food & Drugs
  4. The Explorers’ Club
  5. The Sports Clubs
  6. Ruhuna Air Rifle Shooting Club
  7. Ruhuna Medical Faculty Carom Club
  8. Ruhuna Medical Faculty Western Dancing Clubs


  1. Students’ Union of Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Arts Society
  3. Association of Natural Resources Conservation
  4. Birds Clubs
  5. The English Literary Association
  6. The Buddhist Society
  7. Agricultural Engineering Society
  8. Crop Science Society

Common Unions/Societies/Associations

  1. Students’ Union‚ University of Ruhuna
  2. Arts Council‚ University of Ruhuna
  3. Toastmasters International‚ University of Ruhuna ,Toastmasters Gavel Club
  4. Catholic Students Society, University of Ruhuna