Canteen Facilities

University of Ruhuna provides facilities to operate student canteens and staff canteens for the benefit of University community. The service providers will be selected through National Competitive Bidding procedure for every one year period. Some facilities are provided free of charge to the service providers by the University for providing health meals under minimum cost.

Canteen Committees consisting relevant stake holders of the University have been established to monitor the proper management and maintenance of each student canteen of the University.

List of student canteens operating at present are as follows;
  1. Wellamadama 02 Girls’ Hostel Canteen
  2. Wellamadama 03 Girls’ Hostel Canteen
  3. Maddawatta Boys’ Hostel Canteen
  4. Eliyakanda Boys’ Hostel Canteen
  5. Gymnasium Canteen
  6. Student Centre Canteen(Upper canteen)
  7. Student Canteen at Faculty of Agriculture
  8. Student Canteen at Faculty of Medicine
  9. Student Canteen I and II at Faculty of Engineering
  10. Student Canteen at Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technolog