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Student Services

There is a Student Welfare Branch of the University to look after the needs of the students outside their courses. It is located in the second floor of the administration building. Many services such as student loans, Mahapola scholarships, student hostels and cafeterias are operated by the welfare branch.

Senior Assistant Registrar (Student Welfare)

  • Mrs. P.M.S.P.Yapa

In addition, there is a counseling service to help students in problems that affect their studies. The University Medical Facility is available for students suffering from health problems.

Counseling Service

Financial Assistance

Students are offered following financial assistance for their university education.

  • Mahapola higher education scholarships
  • Student bursaries
  • Education Department scholarships
  • Other scholarships

In addition, there is a number of Merit Scholarships and awards offered to the students of extraordinary performance.

Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships

The University Grants Commission sends application forms to all University entrees to apply for this scholarship. The completed forms should be sent to the University Grant Commission by the student. The student's parents income, the number of siblings studying under 18 years of age, the distance from his/her home to the university and the district level are considered when granting the scholarship. A merit scholarship is also granted according to student's merits . The money is paid for these two scholarships as follows.

  Merit scholarship     Rs. 1300/=    per installment
  General scholarship       Rs. 1250/=    per installment

Scholars are entitled to 10 installments per academic year.


The students who are not granted Mahapola scholarships are able to apply for bursaries offered by the university. The University calls applications for student loans from university entrees. Family income, the number of siblings studying under 18 years of age and the distance from his/her home to the University are considered when granting the bursaries.         

   Full student bursary   Rs. 1250/=   per installment
   Haif student bursary   Rs. 1150/=   per installment


Education department scholarship

Students are able to extend the scholarships which they had in the school through university education. Students should submit all the information about these scholarships to the student services.

Other Scholarships available via UGC

For those students who do not receive Mahapola or student bursaries are given scholarships by the University Grant Commission. Applications are called by the University Grant Commission.

Martin Wickramasingha memorial scholarship

The two students who obtain highest marks in the general science degree Part 1 examination one each from the biological and the physical science section are granted this scholarship.

Viru Sisu Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is granted for number of selected students who face economic hardships. A selection committee will decide the amount of the scholarship and the number of students who will receive the scholarship at the beginning of each academic year.

L. C. de Silva memorial Gold medals

A student who obtains highest marks in the General science examination with a 1st class or a 2nd class upper degree from bio- science section is given this Gold medal.

Hostel and Other Facilities

Hostel Fascilities

Wardens of Hostels

    Dr. Ms. H.C.E. Wegiriya
    (in charge of Girl's Hostel)
    Department of Zoology,
    Faculty of Science

    Dr. S. Hettiarachchi
    (in charge of Boy's Hostel)
    Department of Botany,
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sub-Wardens for Women's Hostels

Name of Warden Hostel
Ms. A.P. Hemanthi Walawwatta, Welaamadama I
Ms. M.H.C. Priyadarshani Wellamadama (No. II)
Ms. H.K.H. Damayanthi Fort I,II.. Uyanwatta I,II

Sub-Wardens for Men's Hostels

Name of Warden Hostel
Mr. A.D. Kularathne Meddawatta (No. II)
Mr. B.A. Priyantha Meddawatta (No. I)
Mr. W.W. Senarath Eliyakanda & Brownshill
Mr. J.D. Jayaweera Wellamadama 1 & Dondra
Mr. W. W. Anura Pallimulla & Rassandeniya (No. I & II)
Mr. G. katumetiyawa Pamburana I & II

At present, the University supplies hostel facilities only for a limited number of students. However, further expansion of this facility is envisaged. First year and final year student are given the priority. A few university-owned houses and rented houses are used as student hostels as well. The table below shows currently available hostel facilities:

Hostels (for women)

Name of Hostels Number of Students
Wellamadama (No. I) 98
Wellamadama (No. II) 300
Walawwatta 105

Hostels (for men)

Name of Hostels Number of Students
Meddawatta (No. I & II) 280
Dondra (New Hostel) 20
Dondra (Old Hostel) 16
Pallimulla (No. 214) 24
Kapugama (No. I) 16
Kapugama (No. II) 15
Pamburana (No. I) 60
Lambert Weerasekara 60
Meddawatta (No. III) 15
Rassandeniya (No. I) 18
(for bikku)
Rassandeniya (No.II) 16
(for bikku)

Accommodation facilities are given according to the student ratio in the faculty of Science and the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. A monthly rent of Rs. 15/= is charged for student hostels.


There are three cafeterias located in the wellamadama University complex.

  • Student center cafeteria
  • Science faculty cafeteria
  • Staff cafeteria


World University Service (WUS) Bookshop

The ``World University Service'' maintains a bookshop which stock stationary goods.

Co-operative Store

Daily provisions can be bought from the co-operative store located inside the University premises.


Monthly Season--Tickets

Ruhuna University students are able to buy monthly season tickets at concessionary rates for the train service and for the public bus service.

Postal Service

Ruhuna University post - office is located opposite to the main entrance gate. It is open from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Telephone Facilities

Coin operated call box is situated close to the main security office in the administration building. It can be reached via the number 22998.


A branch of Bank of Ceylon is located at the University near the Administration block. The usual opening hours for banks apply.

University Medical Facilities

The medical center is located in a building close to the Department of Physics.


Dr. A. Weerasingha
MBBS (Cey)
Dr. D.K. Gunawardana
MBBS (Cey)
Ms. W. Samarawickrama

Every student must face a medical test when he/she enters to the University . The aim of this test is to determine whether the student has suitable health conditions to continue the academic career without difficulties. If a student is found to be suffering from a severe disease, he/she is directed to special clinics in the hospital for treatments . During the academic year, the medical center is open for treatment for student as well as staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm on weekdays. All drugs are free of charge. If a prescribed drug is not available in the clinic, the expenses will be reimbursed by the University.

Medical Certificates

If a student is unable to attend lectures and/or practical classes due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer within a week. If a student wishes he/she can get medical assistance from a government or a private doctor. However, the medical certificates issued by them should be approved by the university medical officer.

Illness during examination period

If a student is unable to sit for the exam due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer and the examinations branch immediately. The medical certificates obtained from outside medical officers should be submitted to the examinations branch within 3 days with the approval of the university medical officer.

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