The main aim of establishing the E-learning centre is to support the university’s E-learning activities.

It has been tested several video conferencing sessions between local universities and international institutions successfully. A video conferencing session on "Sri Lanka: Addressing the Needs of an Aging Population" was conducted successfully by linking the distance education centre in Colombo, university of Peradeniya, a centre in Nigeria and a centre in Washington.

It has been discussed with the director/UCSC - University of Colombo, for getting technical and human resources to conduct lectures remotely for some of the course units of the proposed new degree programme which will be implemented in near future.

  Video Conference Events    
  Hetc Project - University level committee meeting (May 14, 2010)    
Science Committee Meating
Dean of the faculty of Science and the faculty of Fisheries & Marine Science and Technology have participated Science Committtee Meeting through video conference from University of Ruhuna (March 19, 2010)
Monthly LEARN Meeting
Most of the times LEARN representatives of the University of Ruhuna participated monthly LEARN meetings through Video Conference.(Last: March 12,2010)
  Video conference on “Global Economic Prospects for Developing Countries in 2009”(January 13, 2009)       [PHOTO]
Video conference titled “Sri Lanka: Addressing the Needs of an Aging Population”. Conference was done by the World Bank in partnership with University of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna, Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN) and the Distance Learning Centre. September 11, 2008
  Guest Lecture from IFS through Video Conference for level 3 students         {album]



Last Updated: May 14, 2010