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DCS Staff

  Academic Staff

Name Specialization & Research Interests
 Senior Lecturers (Grade II)

Mr. S.A.S. Lorensuhewa
B.Sc. (Colombo, S.L.)
M.Sc. (Zhejiang, China)

Computer Applications, Text Mining and Text Classification Data Mining, Rule Extraction and  Knowledge Representation Applications of Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. Tharaka S. Ilayperuma
B.Sc. (Kelaniya, S.L.)
Ph.L (Sweden)

Ph.D (Sweden)
Business Modelling, Goal Modelling and Service Modelling for the purpose of Information Systems Development

Dr. J.A. Jeewanie

B.Sc. (Kelaniya, S.L.)
M.Sc. (Keele, U.K.)
PhD (Tilburg, Netherland)

Conceptual modelling, Agent-mediated Business Coordination , Service-oriented Computing,  Value Oriented Service Identification.
Dr. Thusangi Wannige
B.Sc.(Hons)(Colombo, SL)
Ph.D in Computational Systems Biology(Lincoln, New Zealand)
Computational Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Modelling and simulation, computer vision

Ms. M. A. L. Kalyani
B.Sc. (Colombo, S. L.)
Ph.L. (Uppsala, Sweden)
Parallel and Distributed Computing: static and dynamic Load Balancing algorithms, MPI implementations
Grid Computing

Ms. W. A. Indika
B.Sc. (Kelaniya, S.L.)
M.Sc. (Kelaniya, S.L.)
Use of Service Oriented Architecture in Healthcare Systems
Ms. C.I. Kithulgoda
B.Sc. (Kelaniya, S.L.)
M.Sc. (Moratuwa, S.L.)
(On Leave)
Discrete Optimisation, Data stream mining
 Probationary Lecturers

Ms. T.D. Gilmini Geethika
B.Sc. (Pera, S.L.)
M.Sc. (UCSC, S.L.)
Development of Web based MIS
Ms. D. W. C. P. Kumari
B.Sc. in Computer Science (UCSC,S.L.)
Reading for M.Phil (UCSC, S.L.)
(On Leave)
Data Structure & Algorithms
Evolutinary Algorithms
Ms. S. M. Vidanagamachchi
B.Sc. in Computer Science (UCSC, S.L.)
Reading for PhD (Peradeniya, S.L.)
Embedded Systems and Bio-Informatics, Area Optimization Algorithms for FPGAs
Ms. P. N. Hameed
B.Sc. (Spl) in Computer Science (Peradeniya, S.L.)

(On leave) Reading for PhD

Image Processing, Signal Processing and Computer Vision
Ms. W.A. Mohotti
B.Sc. in Information Technology
Agent based systems,
Web Based Applications
Ms. M. K. S. Madushika
B.Sc. in Engineering (Peradeniya, S.L.)
Reading for PhD (On Leave)
Image Processing: Pattern Recognition
Data Structure and Algorithms

Mr. Kasun Ranga Wijeweera
B. Sc (Peradeniya);
Reading M. Phil (Peradeniya)
Computational Geometry



  Academic Support Staff


Specialization & Research Interests

 Programmer cum System Analyst

Mr. H.G.U. Harankahadeniya
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
Server Configuration, Traffic Monitoring of Email

Mr. B.H. Saranapala
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc. (UCSC, S.L.)

Programming, Networking, Linux, System Administration and Security

Anil Luvishewa computer science university ruhuna

Mr. Anil P. Luwishewa
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc. (UCSC, S.L.)
Web Based Information Systems & Applications , AS/400 Platform Based Programming ,
e-Business collaboration :Trading Partner Agreements
 Instructor in Computer Technology

Ms. P.B.N.K. De Silva
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
Web Based Applications

Mr. U.V. Malawara Arachchi
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc.(SMU, South Korea)
e-learning modelling,Digital Right Management

Ms. W.P. Priyanthi
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)

Mr. R. Wickramaratne
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc. (Moratuwa, S.L.)
Multimedia Applications, PC Hardware

Mr. C.L. Wimalaratne
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc.(Moratuwa, S.L.)
Network Configuration, Network Traffic Monitoring Applications

Ms. G.K. Mabula
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
M.Sc. (UCSC, S.L.)

Mr. L.W. Wellakkage
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
( NTUU-KPI,Ukraine)
M.Sc. in Computer Engineering
(NTUU_KPI, Ukraine)
Computer Systems & Networks, Method of Allocation Processing of Multi Media Data, Digital Video Production & Animation, Business Rule Based Information Logistic Approach

Mr. G.M.T. Ranjana
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)

Ms. W.K. Shajith
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)
Postgraduate Dip. in ISM(Colombo,S.L.)
Ms. H.G.S. Priyangani
B.Sc. (Ruh, S.L.)


  Technical Staff

Mr. Vasantha Senanayake
Damith Coomasaru Mr. Damith Coomasaru


 Computer Application Assistant

Mr. U.A. Asanka Prabath


  Other Staff

Mr. P.G. Hemantha
Mr. I.R.H. Damith Kumara