Course Administration

Course Coordinator
Dr. Pushpa Abeysinghe

Contact Information

The Coordinator
M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Faculty of Science
University of Ruhuna

Tel: / 041-2227007
ext. 4602/4611 (office), 0718671605 (cellular)



Rs. 225,000/=


Method of payment

All payments should be made to the credit of the University of Ruhuna, at the People’s Bank branch, Wellamdama, Matara using the paying-in-voucher prepared by the university for this purpose.
The course fee could be paid in three installments i.e. 1st installments is Rs. 125,000/=, 2nd and 3rd Rs. 50,000/= each - should be paid at the beginning of the second and the third semesters

The cost of the research in the fourth semester of Programme II shall be borne by the candidate or through a research grant.

More Details

Application procedure

Application forms can be obtained directly or by sending a Money Order of Rs. 300/= drawn in favor of the University of Ruhuna with a self-addressed stamped envelope (9”x4”) to the Post Graduate Unit, University of Ruhuna, Matara.

The acceptance of the application will be determined on the basis of the particulars disclosed based on academic requirements.
(1). It is the responsibility of the applicant to send copies of transcripts directly to the course coordinator.
(2). Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from an academic referee shall be sent to the course coordinator under confidential cover.
(3). Originals of all required certificates should be produced before admission.

Duly completed applications should be forwarded to the course coordinator. Applications that are incomplete or carrying false information will be rejected. The applicants will be informed of their acceptance/ non-acceptance in due course.

Further information and application forms can be obtained by contacting the Coordinator by mail, email or phone.

Requirements for the M.Sc. Degree

The course consists of three divisions as follows:
1. Course modules
2. Assignments and seminars
3. Research project (only for
program II)

The relevant examinations shall be held at the end of each semester or at the end of each module. Total number of credits that a student must earn is 30.

Applications are invited for the above M.Sc. course from graduates who are interested in postgraduate training in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The course consists of the fields of nucleic acid chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, protein chemistry and enzymology, molecular cell biology and cell signaling, microbial genetics, genome organization and control of gene expression, genetic engineering, immunology, applications of recombinant DNA technology, bioinformatics, Biosafety and bioethics.


How to Apply| MSC Broacher


The proposed Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is committed to strengthen and update theoretical and practical skills in graduates of biological sciences and related sciences and to train young scientists in different fields of molecular biology research. The curriculum of the course has been designed incorporating both pure and applied sciences envisaging a well-balanced course. The M.Sc. course is comprised of two alternative programmes. One programme (Programme I) is a taught course that consists of formal course modules and supervised practical exercises. The other programme is a M. Sc. with a research component (Programme II). The Programme II thus includes the entire Programme I activities and, in addition, autonomous research leading to a M. Sc. thesis. The aim of the thesis is to provide in depth training in specialized field of interest within the main subject area of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.


The objectives of the M. Sc. course are to train graduates to be able to gather and to disseminate knowledge and experience in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology. In addition, it is intended to train graduates to be able to conduct independent research, particularly by Programme II. Also it offers opportunities for successful development of specific career and professional objectives.

Admission Requirements

  • B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Fisheries Biology or Agriculture from a recognized University/ institution
  • B.Sc. (General) Degree in Biological Sciences, M.B.B.S., B.D.S.
    and B.V.S. from a recognized University/ institution
  • any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the Board of Study.

Course structure

There are two types of M.Sc. Degrees offered: M.Sc. by coursework (three semesters) and M.Sc. by coursework and research (four semesters). M.Sc. by coursework is a degree that requires the student to attend lectures and practicals and assignments etc. Assessment is by written examination and assignments. A candidate who registers for the fourth semester is expected to produce a thesis, developed through research of a topic with direct relevance to molecular biology and biotechnology that has been approved by an advisor. A student who wishes to do a thesis must complete the course work successfully and must secure a source of funds in order to carry out the research. Each semester is 15 weeks long. Lectures and practicals will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. Usually, for lectures, 15-hrs work is considered as one credit.

This norm may vary by +-5 lecture hours, as decided by the respective lecturers