Medical Facilities - Medical Center


Dr. D.K. Gunawardana
MBBS (Cey)
Dr. A. Weerasingha
MBBS (Cey)
Dr. I Pathirana
Mr. K.L.R.L. Perera (Technical officer)
Ms. K. Dias (Pharmacist)
Mrs. W. Gunasekara (nurse)
Mr. L. H.S.B.P. Kumara (PHI)
Mrs. R.L. Nirisha (Pharmacist)
Mr. A. Yasasiri (Attendant)
Mrs. M. Seetha (Attendant)
Mrs. G. Nilanthi (Attendant)
Mr. G. Lionel (Labourer)
Mr. H. Dharmasena (Labourer)
          Mr. W. Gunasekara (Labourer)

Every student must face a medical test when he/she enters to the University . The aim of this test is to determine whether the student has suitable health conditions to continue the academic career without difficulties. If a student is found to be suffering from a severe disease, he/she is directed to special clinics in the hospital for treatments . During the academic year, the medical center is open for treatment for student as well as staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm on weekdays. All drugs are free of charge. If a prescribed drug is not available in the clinic, the expenses will be reimbursed by the University.

Medical Certificates

If a student is unable to attend lectures and/or practical classes due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer within a week. If a student wishes he/she can get medical assistance from a government or a private doctor. However, the medical certificates issued by them should be approved by the university medical officer.

Illness during examination period

If a student is unable to sit for the exam due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer and the examinations branch immediately. The medical certificates obtained from outside medical officers should be submitted to the examinations branch within 3 days with the approval of the university medical officer.

        Laboratory Facilities

         The basic medical laboratory tests are done in this laboratory


         The two pharmacists in this indoor pharmacy date out all the drugs prescribed by the Medical officers

       Health Care

         There is permanent public Health Inspector to see the sanitary aspects and preventive health in this institution


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