Career for undergraduates in universities was recently recognized as matter of policy by the Government of Sri Lanka.  At the University of Ruhuna, the Career Guidance Unit was set up in March 2000, to provide career guidance services to the undergraduates.  Since then, the unit has implemented various programs to make the undergraduates aware of the employment opportunities available, the qualities expected by the employers, and the way of acquiring the skills and the knowledge necessary for responding to the job market needs.
The unit wishes to build up continuous links with the private sector as well the government institutions to facilitate productive interaction between the undergraduates and such institutions. 




The Career Guidance Unit, University of Ruhuna, with the consideration given to the guidelines of University Grants Commission, has committed to improve the undergraduates' education through a focus on career guidance. Our commitment is, therefore, based on the vision that "every undergraduate has a right to the highest attainable standard of university education, to satisfied and productive employment opportunities, and to a high quality living standard".


We strive to empower undergraduates by increasing the access to service that enhance their prospects for good quality employment opportunities. to provide students and alumni with guidance and resources to enhance their skills in career planning and exploration, job search strategies, and preparation for professional careers or graduate school as contributing members of a dynamic global society.
As such, our mission is

  • to make the undergraduates aware of
    • the employment opportunities available
    • the qualities and the skills expected by the employers
  • to provide the additional qualifications and skills necessary for responding to the labour market needs by improving
    • their knowledge of specific issues
    • their positive attitudes and
    • their practices/behavior