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How to View

Actually you can view the songs in three different ways. The first and fastest way and also the only way if you have a text based browser, is using the `sumihiri' notation. This notation allows writing Sinhala using the Roman letter. Select `View in sumihiri notation' button for this. You will need `sumihiri' when you want to submit a song, too. It has a wide variety of applications, so you might want to look at a description of `sumihiri' anyway. Press `sumihiri Tutorial' button for a quick introduction.

The second way is to view the songs as Postscript files. You will need to have a Postscript previewer configured in your Browser for this. (You may have it configured already -try it out.) Here you can view the songs in real Sinhala script. However, quality of the display may not be great. (If you download the file and print it on a 300dpi laser printer, you will get a good quality printout, through.)

The third and best quality viewing is achieved by using a DVI previewer. You need to have (La)Tex system installed for this. Furthermore, you will need to download the Sinhala fonts and install them as well. Select `Get Sinhala Fonts' button for more details.

Playing the Melody

We have started adding melodies to the songs in the database. In order to save the bandwidth we have only recorded the melodies using one or few instruments. The melodies are stored in MIDI files, so you will need a midi player configured in your browser.

If You Encounter Problems ...

... See the Tips on Configuring the Browser.