Yes, we have a collection of Sinhala songs which are currently popular and which have remained popular over generations. We believe that they are a national heritage worth preserving.

As we started the `miyuru gii ' project we found out that almost everybody had a personel collection of his/her favourite songs, written and preserved in pieces of papers, in old diaries etc.

Now they are all part in this database and the others can see them too. Please note that the songs have been submitted and typed by various individuals, mostly taking them from their personel collections. Thus, there may be certain mistakes in the verses, the names of the composer and the musician may be missing.

You can send us any corections or your comments by selecting `Send a Comment' button. You are also invited to submit your favourite songs so that they can be shared with the others. Select the `Submit a Song' button for this. You can use the `sumihiri' notation for writing sinhala using the Roman letters. Read the quick tutorial on `sumihiri' by clicking the `sumihiri Tutorial' button. You can view and play melodies of songs by pressing the `View & Play' button.