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The Ruhuna Network Project

The campus wide network supported by SIDA connects all the academic  departments and administrative buildings at the Wallamadama  site of the University of Ruhuna with high speed optical fiber links . Approximately 6500 meters of fiber optic cables have been laid to setup this network.

The following figure shows the map of the site together with the fiber optic links. The main distribution frame is located at the Library building .Each academic department and each administrative section has been provided with at least three wall outlets that are connected to the backbone. The terminal switches allow expansion in to departmental LANs.

The Department of Fisheries Biology and Computer science have been provided with complete structured cabling solutions.

1/2 - Department of Computer Science. 14 - Department of Pali and Buddhism.
3 - Department of Mathematics. 15 - Business Administration.
4/5 - Department of Physics. 16 - Department of Geoggraphy.
6/7 - Department of Chemistry. 17 - Dean/Humanities & Social Science.
8 - Office of the Dean/Science. 18 - Department of Economics.
9 - Department of Fisheries Biology. 19 - Administration branch.
10 - Department of Zoology. 20 - Finance branch.
11 - Department of Botany. 21- Department of Computer Science
12 - Department of Sinhala 22 - Engineers office
13 - Department of History. 23 - Department of Physical Education

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  • Upgrading IT infrastructure in the CS Department
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