Tenders are invited for the following works from the contractors who are registered with the institute of Construction Training & Development (ICTAD) and having membership of Association of  Construction Contractors of  Sri Lanka (ACCSL).




Minimum ICTAD  Grade

Non-refundable Tender fee     (Rs.)

Refundable        Tender deposit      (Rs.)
01 Renovation work - Mahamodara Hostel, Galle.        M-06 750/- 12,500/-
02 Painting and Renovation work     Faculty of Medicine, Karapitiya. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
03 Completion of Play Ground         Faculty of Agriculture, Mapalana. M-09 750/- 5,000/-
04 Improvement of Roads                 Faculty of Agriculture, Mapalana.                        M-07 750/- 7,500/-
05 Renovation and partitioning work Faculty of Agriculture, Mapalana M-06 750/- 12,500/-
06 Painting and Renovation work  Faculty of  Science, Matara. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
07 Painting and Renovation work  Faculty of H&SS, Matara. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
08 Painting and Renovation work Faculty of Mgt. & Finance, Matara. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
09 Renovation work    Administration Complex, Matara. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
10 Painting and Renovation work Eliyakanda Hostel, Matara. M-06 750/- 12,500/-
11 Painting and Renovation work Meddawatta & Pamburana Hostels, Matara. M-07 750/- 7,500/-
12 Improvements of Roads      Faculty of Engineering, Hapugala. M-09 750/- 5,000/-
13 Partitioning work                  Faculty of Engineering, Hapugala. M-09 750/- 5,000/-

The Contractors updated Record Book and the current ACCSL Membership Card should be produced by the applicant for the Tender Documents.

Tender documents could be obtained from the Senior Assistant Registrar (Administration) on any working day up to 2.00 p.m. 19th February 2004. Duly completed Tender Forms in duplicate should be sent under separate cover for each tender indicating the No. and the name of particular tender on the top left- hand corner of the envelope to reach the Registrar, University of Ruhuna by registered post or deposited in the Tender Box, at the office of the Registrar, on or before 10.00 a.m. on 20th February 2004

Tenders will be opened on the same day at 11.00a.m. at the office of the Registrar, University of Ruhuna. Tenderers or their representatives will be allowed to be present at the time of opening Tenders.

Further particulars could be obtained from the Senior Assistant Registrar / Administration (Tele. 041-2227008) or from the works Engineer (Tele. 041-2227000) during the normal working hours.