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23 rd General Convocation and 10 th External Convocation - 2016

The 23rd convocation of the University of Ruhuna is held on 27th & 28th of May 2016 at the Gymnasium University of Ruhuna

General Convocation of the University of Ruhuna hold every year for the conferment of the Special, General and Postgraduate Degrees to the graduands of the Faculties of Agriculture, "Humanities and Social Science", "Management & Finance", "Medicine", "Engineering" , "Fisheries & Marine Sciences & Technology" and Science.

The session plan of the convocation

1st Session (27.05.2016 - Morning)


Postgraduate Degrees (PhD, MPhil, MSc, MA, MBA)                      

Bachelor of the Science of Agriculture                                   

Bachelor of the Science of Engineering                                                 

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery                         

2nd Session (27.05.2016 - Afternoon)


Bachelor of Business Administration                                                      

Bachelor of Computer Science                                                                     

Bachelor of Science (Special & General)                                                

3rd Session (28.05.2016 - Morning)  


Bachelor of Arts                                                                                                              

Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Marine Sciences                                  

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science                                                   

Bachelor of Science in Nursing