International Congregation

The University of Durham presented an International Congregation on February 16, 2007 @University of Ruhuna

Online web casting of the above event was conducted by DCS@Ruhuna

Honorary Graduands

Order of Ceremony

  • Academic Procession of the University of Ruhuna
  • Academic Procession of Durham University
  • Pronouncement of opening of Congregation
  • Sarasvathie pooja
  • Presentation of Dr Ariyaratne and conferment of degree
  • Presentation of Professor Senaratne and conferment of degree
  • Address by Sir Kenneth Calman, Durham University Vice-Chancellor and Warden
  • Response by Dr Ariyaratne
  • Response by Professor Senaratne
  • Sri Lankan Cultural Event
  • Sir Kenneth Calman announces conclusion of proceedings
  • National Anthem of Sri Lanka
  • Durham procession files out
  • Ruhuna procession files out


  • Last Updated:  2007/02/13

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